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"R&B" team tried to make your stay even more interesting. So in co-operation with the Diving center "Albamaris" from Biograd n/m offer you: accomodation, equipment, filling up the diving bottles, instructor, guide, permit, boat etc. itd.


Diving rules in Croatia

The Ministry for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Communication has laid down new rules and regulations for underwater activities (Scuba diving). These rules and regulations apply to rivers and lakes and to the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia (see law gazette 47/99, 17-5-1999). Citizens of the Republic of Croatia and foreign citizens have to be in possession of a valid diving certificate. Such certificate is issued by the Croatian Diving Association through its representatives (see list of adresses 1 to 99). The diving certificate takes effect on the day of issue and is valid for one year (14.00 Euros)

The rules of safe diving

1. Before each dive you have to be absolutely healthy, and you have to be in a very good physical and mental condition.
2. When you have chosen your diving location you have to be acquainted with diving conditions, weather and undersea currents.
3. You mustn't drink any alcohol and do not take any drugs nor medicines which can endanger your mental or physical state.
4. Before and during a dive you have to follow guides instructions; be sure thet you uderstand him/her completly. If you havent understood something feel free to ask again.
5. Check you equipment thoroughly and check your partner. You must be sure that the diving botlle is filled up with air (oxygen ) and check if manometer is accurate.
6. Your maximum depth should be limited to the depth regulated by your qualification. If you dive under the rgulated depth you endanger yourself and your partner as well.
7. Check thet in the end of diving you have minimum 30 bars in your botlle. Start emerging with the amount sufficient for decompression from certain depth.
8. While diving, breath lightly and continuously without stops.
9. While emerging breath normally without holding your breath.
10. Emerge slowly, not faster than 10 meters in a minute.
11. Be careful that surface where you are going to emerge is clear and properly marked.
12. If you feel any uncomfort while diving ( tiredness, cold, pain ) you should stop diving and start emerging.
13. Try to avoid panic in every situation.