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Turanj is a little town and a harbour at the coast of the Canal of Paąman with about 1300 inhabitants. It has been settled in the ancient times , several Roman graves have been found there. Turanj, in written form, has been mentioned in 1213, under the name Toreta. Mediaeval Toreta (Turanj) has been attacked many times by the Turks, and it has been burnt down by its inhabitants. The towers and the walls which have been preserved by nowadays, testify its warlike history. The parish church with beautiful bell has been mentioned for the first time in the XV century.

Today, Turanj is an ideal combination of the old and the new. It has got an old center (the main street called Kontrata) and old stone houses, and at the same time modern and beautiful houses around the center. The primary activities are agriculture, fishing and tourism. In the town there are many restaurants with a high-quality Dalmatian cuisine. The most famous one is called " Roko ". Apart from restaurants, there are many caffes with beautiful terraces near the sea, fast food facilities, shops and stalls with domestic products

Kula utvrde Mestrovic Turanj
zupna crkva turanj

For the guests who like recreation, in the center of the town there is a playground (basketball, handball, volleyball, football). For those who prefer sea activities there is a water-polo ground. Divers will also enjoy here because the sea around Turanj is clean and full of a high quality fish, shells and crabs. Many of them are protected. Every afternoon blows the landward breeze called maestral which helps reducing the summer heat and helps many surfers.

Turanj with its specific location offers the possibility to visit big and small islands which are located nearby. There are 12 of them, and the biggest and the most inhabited one is Babac. The unique location proves the vicinity of the worldly famous national parks and the parks of the nature.

Otok galenjesnjak -, otok u obliku srca
Turanj slika s mora
slika turnja s mora po noći
Stara gospina crkva u Turnju

The important cities hear Turanj are Zadar and Biograd na moru. Zadar is the county center. It has got many cultural monuments and it is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities in Croatia.Biograd na moru is smaller than Zadar, but with many special characteristics. It is also known as the King’s city. One km from there, there is the county district center Sv. Filip i Jakov which is in the coast area connected with Turanj by beautiful walk. This two places make a whole – what Turanj doesn’t have you can find in Sv. Filip Jakov. In Sv. Filip Jakov you can find a lot of fun, a bank, a post-office, Yachting and Diving club and many other things which are important to tourists.


Nacionalni park kornati

NP Kornati & PP Telašćica

45min by boat

park prirode telascica

NP Krka

40min driving

nacionalni park paklenica

NP Paklenica

1h driving

nacionalni park plitvice

NP Plitvice

90min driving

Rafting na rijeci zrmanja

Rafting at Zrmanja

1h driving

park prirode vransko jezero

PP Vransko jezero

10min driving